Jimmie Weaver, PhD
Associate Professor

Oklahoma State University
Department of Chemistry
107 Physical Sciences
Stillwater, OK 74078

These are the people with whom I have the pleasure of exploring new chemistry. Our exploration of the unknown provides meaningful education for undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral students.  After gaining sufficient insight about a system, we attempt to create a work that will teach and inspire other chemists about the chemistry.

Professor Weaver is looking for motivated students at all levels.  Anyone interested in being part of our team should should contact JDW ( about possible research opportunities.

Postdocs and Fellows


Pritha 2

Pritha Das, PhD


Graduate Students





Shivangi Kharbanda



Timothy Schoch



Tyler Fleske


Roshini Hanumanthu



Osaid Alkhamayseh

 Parul 3

Parul Sharma

Undergraduates and Visiting Students





Georgia Eastham


Avery Ethridge




Former Group Members





Graduate Students

Nathan Herndon (MS)   2023   Product Development Scientist, Immuno-mycologics
Erik Lantz (MS)   2021   Forensic Chemist, State of Oklahoma 
Dr. Jon Day   2020   Lilly 
Dr. Manjula Rathnayake   2020   Post-doc, Baylor
Ryne Overfield   2019   Quality Assurance Engineer at 101
Sonal Priya (MS)   2018   PhD program at UGA
Dr. Kip Teegardin   2018   Organic Chemist at Trécé Inc.
Dr. Kamaljeet Singh   2018   Associate Research Scientist at PPD
Dr. Amandeep Arora   2018   Faculty, University of Dubuque, IA
Dr. Sameera Senaweera   2017   AbbVie, Senior Scientist
Winston Trinh (MS)   2016   Entrepreneur



Daniel Jespersen   2020   PhD program Utah
Brock Keen   2020   PhD program Emory
Roukaya El Mokadem   2020   PhD program UNC
Lacey Gotcher   2018   Pharmacy, University of Houston
Justin Briles   2017   Process Engineer, Enerflex
Duncan Mullins   2017   PhD program Engineering, University of Buffalo
Kabryn Miller   2017    
Carlie Eastep   2017    
Morgan Williams   2017   Medical School, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston
Brayden James   2017   Project Manager at Kinder Morgan, Inc
Cameron Teel   2017   Process Control Engineer, Flint Hills Resources
Ryan Matlock   2016   Koch Fertilizer, Enid, OK
Alexa May   2015   PhD Univeristy of Arkansas, Staff Scientist Notre Dame
Jacklyn Kubik   2015   Grad School, Univeristy of Arkansas
Shannon Staig   2014   Grad School. University of Deleware
Megan Kelly   2014   Austin, TX
Krystal Martinez   2014    

Post Docs

Dr. Mohammad O. B. Khaled   2018    
Anuradha Singh   2016   USDA Fargo, Research Chemist
Dr. Aaron Ruch   2017   AMPAC Fine Chemicals

Visiting Students

Sascha Grotjahn   2018   Universität Regensburg
Killian Mueller   2018   Universität Regensburg
Sam Hall   2015   University of Bristol
Tom Brown   2015   University of Bristol
Elizabeth Porto   2016   Univeristy of Missouri, Kansas City
Chase Branstetter   2017    
Tim Schoch   2017   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Visiting Scholars

Lisa Crow, PhD   2013   Faculty, Southern Nazarene Univeristy

Former group members, please send JDW updated contact information.