Congrats to Weaver Labs team for taking on PFAS

Congrats to the Weaver Labs team who has just published its efforts to make a first of its kind, well-defined sorbent material, called Fluor Mop, made specifically to bind PFAS from enviromental samples.  Check it out,

(disclosure: Jimmie Weaver has an interest in Weaver Labs) 

Shivangi publishes our paper on fluorine sculpting

Shivangi just published the most detailed report on the nuances of how to perform fluorine sculpting.  In this report she (re)introduces us to directed hydrodefluorination (which if you have followed our work, you know has a sordid history).  This was a gargantuan task and revealed so much insight into the subject.  Anyone interested in this topic will certainly benifit from her efforts.  Thank you Shivangi.  Check it out!


Georgia selected as a Barry Goldwater applicant

Undergrad Georgia Eastham who joined the group last spring was selected as one of OSU's applicants for the presitgous Barry Goldwater Scholarship.  It is an honor just to be allowed to apply.  Fingers crossed as we wait to hear. 

NIH Instrument Grant

The NIH has very generously decided to help our lab purchase its own GCMS!  This instrument will be incredibly enabliling.  Furthermore, it will help enrichen the OSU research enviroment as we will happily make it available to colleagues in need.  We are incredibly appriciative to the NIH.

Crest Wins a Wentz Scholarship

Congratulations to Crest for winning a Wentz Scholarship that will enable him to explore light driven chemistry this fall.  Good luck, Crest.