April 2019-January 2020

Apologies for the grouped announcements.

Congrats to Manjula on the publication of her prenylation paper demonstraiting the use of isoprenylphenyl sulfone as a prenyl transfer reagent.  Very cool!

Congratulations to Roukaya on her ACS DOC SURF fellowship which included both funding for summer research and a trip to Merck (Boston) where she got to meet with practicing chemists.  Awesome Oportunity!  Thanks DOC! 

Fairwell to Ryne Overfield and Dr. Khaled.  Goodluck in your endeavors.

Goodluck to Dr. Weaver as he steps in as the Chair of the NMR facilities at OSU.

Welcome undergraduate Zainab Alsherimi to the group.

Congratulations to Manjula on her more recent publication concerning the visible light mediated synthesis of bromoalkanes.  In this work Manjula explores the non-obvious mechanistic nuances of how a clear colorless solution undergoes photochemistry.  Very cool and useful.  Not to foreshadow too much, but Manjula's about to drop another exciting project into the public domain and I am really excited about it.  Way to go Manjula! 

Welcome new graduate students Shivangi Kharbanda and S.M. Ifat Hossain Sristy to the group!