March 6, 2015

Congratulations to Sameera for winning the 2015 Dermer research scholarship.  Keep up the hard work, Sameera!  

January 2015_27

We are excited to announce that our alpha-polyfluorinated aryl Meldrum's acid adducts are now commercially available through Aspira Scientific as thier FAYE (Fluoroaryl AcYl Equivalents) blocks,!

January 2015

The Weaver group welcomes the newest graduate student Winston Trinh!


November 2014

Jimmie is named a "2015 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee".  Thanks to the Thieme Chemistry Journal editorial boards for their gesture of encouragement.

November 2014

Jimmie receives funding for the commercial production of Meldrum's acid adducts.  The products seen in Sameera's paper (J. Org. Chem.,  201479, 10466) should be available soon for purchase and derivatization.